National Bank of Pakistan: Contractual Employees victims of Discrimination

Posted: March 1, 2011 in Discrimination

National Bank of Pakistan: Contractual Employees victims of Discrimination

64 years of Independence has no result other than discrimination at every micro levels of the Nation—another example is National Bank of Pakistan.

15% of the NBP staff is contractually appointed. Contractual staff is hired in the government Institutions to strengthen & to improve human resources at various functions of the bank. Unfortunately the first thing they face is the wrath of the organization’s permanent staff who term them as contractual staff. They are reminded that they can be fired anytime, since a few days their attendances have been segregated in various Groups/Divisions of the bank with a separate list for contractual and permanent employees in which permanent staff can come in anytime of the day and the contractual are recorded late and absent. One visible example is a recent list I have received from a certain Department of NBP marked separately for contractual and permanent staff.

Federal Ministry of Finance was supposed to regularize employees till Officer grade one since December 2010, and is being stalled by the ministry over unknown reasons.

It will not be a surprise to soon see a “contractual union” formed at National Bank of Pakistan for which the contractual staff has approached the Chief Justice of Pakistan’s permission to represent rights in lieu of labor laws and staff rules and codes. As per State Bank of Pakistan any employee within State Bank is termed only as “Employee”, which means any “Discriminatory Act” or terming employees by contractual or permanent is clear Discrimination. The regulator has compliance codes for each bank and the same is termed for employees at National Bank of Pakistan as per their staff rules and their Inspection Teams which audit various levels of compliance for these banks including NBP.

In the interest of the Nation, I appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action in preserving rights for contractual employees at NBP, and allow them rights of representation for formation of union to speak up their rights and to be a part of the employees association with their voting rights on humanitarian basis as a minority at NBP. Else another public institution will face the profiling chaos, which fortunately is a big part of our economy and may fall to unknown prejudiced internal conflict, which can hamper the effectiveness of this profitable institution.

Will NBP horizon a KESC similar chaos? . The whole top brass of the bank is hired on contract? With all the banks sensitive information handled by 1700 staff on contract. So far there is no verdict from the Human Resources group of the bank on professional equality of staff although no clarification is required while mentioning that should all be termed only as ‘employee’.

It is unknown to me at this point if the President NBP Mr. Qamar Hussain is aware of these recently adopted practices by group heads of the bank which is derogatory and a questionable practice. After a careful review of the Staff rules of NBP it can be highlighted as a serious issue in legitimacy.

Or have we lost ethics to every level of society and professional conduct?

  1. Butt says:

    100% correct. Contractual Emp. are treated as 3rd Catagory employee and donkeys that are descriminated at all bank benifits and rewards.

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